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How to Choose an Installer

Your questions on choosing the best professional for your answered with our quick and simple guide on how to choose an installer for your flooring needs.

Well, you made the right choice by deciding to have wood floors installed in your home. Now you have to find someone to do the installation job for you.

Wood floors add value to your home, but only when installed right. Don’t mess this up by grabbing a hammer and doing the job yourself. There are skills required in installing a wood floor that not even the most avid do-it-yourselfer will be able to master in one installation.

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Installing any type of flooring in your home is a precision task that requires experience, skill and a focus on the job at hand. To find the right installation company for the job start by asking your friends and family. You know at least one person who has changed the floor in their home ask them who did the job and what they thought of the service. Pay attention, especially if they were not pleased. Learning about the possible flaws of a flooring installation company will give you a good idea of what you don’t want.

Reputation means a lot when choosing a flooring company. You want to hire a company that is well known for doing a great job and is constantly being recommended by their clients. This shows that they pay careful attention to the details of your new flooring to ensure that it is installed perfectly.

When you do start talking with these providers test their expertise by asking about different types of flooring available and the ways they are installed. This will give you insight into the amount of expertise they have in this area.

Ask about the length of time it will take and the inconvenience to you. You are having a new floor installed, and should not be expecting this to be a project that is completed while you are at work. Unless of course you are just putting the floor in a closet.

Listen for the installer to explain how it could take a little more time than you expect and that this is because they never know what to expect until they start. If they instead try and sugar coat the installation by telling you just a couple of days, no inconvenience, then you know that they are more interested in getting the job then they are in doing it right.

Shaw Castlewood - Hickory European Look Wood

You have every right to ask for references and you should call them before making a final decision on your floor installation team. People love to give advice and will be more than happy to tell a complete stranger how much they loved or hated the company and why.

This is not a decision where cost should be your primary concern. There are dozens of handymen who will do the job cheap and possibly ruin your new floor in the process. You are making a big investment in your home that will only pay off if it is done right. Calculate the cost of a professional flooring installer against the added value to your house, and you will quickly see that the investment is well worth it.


Take your time to find the professional flooring company that is reliable, honest and precise in their work, and you will end up with beautifully installed new floors that will last you a lifetime.

How to Choose Your Flooring Installation Professional: Everything you need to know about this important decision

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