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The Brights Carpet tiles

Create a Kids’ Study Room: 12 Homeschool Room Ideas

Homeschooling can pose a challenge, but with a well set-up homeschool room, you can create a successful learning space. All you need is the right furniture, flooring, and decor.

Not sure where to start? This guide to study room ideas will walk you through your options so you can discover what is essential for you and your student learning from home.

This is a great project that can be fun for the whole family, so let’s begin!

Start with the Right Flooring

A good education needs a good foundation, and when your kids are learning at home, it all starts with the floor. If you’re repurposing or updating a space to be a new homeschool classroom, you need flooring that is functional. Discover your options for quick and easy flooring ideas.

Waterproof Vinyl

Homeschool Room Guide: Waterproof vinyl flooring

For a lot of people, the kitchen table or dining room has become their child’s new desk. That’s one more thing going on in what is probably an already hectic space. With the chance for spills and scuffs, you’re going to need a floor that can handle the challenges.

That’s where waterproof vinyl comes in. This 100% waterproof flooring can stand up to spills without taking any moisture damage. It’s affordable, easy to install, and comes in a range of attractive wood-look visuals. Plus, it is protected by a tough wear layer that can handle the wear and tear or a busy homework room.


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Vinyl Sheets

Homeschool Room Guide: vinyl sheet flooring

Need a DIY-friendly floor that’s easy on the pocketbook? Nothing beats the value of vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl sheets come in a huge range of styles with high-quality visuals. The sheets are comfortable, mold- and mildew-resistant, and feature durable surfaces that won’t soak up moisture.

One of the best things about sheet vinyl is that you can roll it out over existing flooring as a temporary solution. Just secure it with double-sided tape and enjoy, and then when you want that old floor back, just roll it back up. This option is great for homes where your kids’ study space is just temporary, and you plan to get your guest room/den/bonus room back eventually.


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Carpet Tiles

The Brights Carpet tiles

With younger students in the house, sometimes learning and playtime can be the same thing. If you have little ones crawling around and doing activities, a soft, comfortable floor is essential. Plush carpet tiles are the perfect answer to this need. It allows you to combine living spaces with homeschool spaces.

Carpet tiles are budget-friendly and super easy to install. Most options have a peel and stick backing, so all you have to do is pull away the plastic and press the carpet tile to the floor. With carpet tiles, you can have wall to wall coverage, or just create an area rug for playing. It’s all up to you.


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Vinyl Tiles

Color vinyl tile flooring in a study room

Vinyl tiles offer the same durability and easy maintenance of luxury vinyl planks, with style options like stone looks and bright colors. Especially for a child’s study room, fun colors will have a huge appeal, and you can always mix and match to get a completely custom design.

Style aside, there are lots of other reasons to consider vinyl tiles. Going back to durability, you’ll find that vinyl tiles are often used as flooring in real schools, so many options are commercially rated with thick wear layers to handle high traffic without a problem. That means your floor is going to last and keep looking great for longer.


Foam Tiles

Homeschool Room Guide: interlocking foam tiles

With foam play mats, the floor can be a fun part of the learning experience. While it provides a soft, safe place to play for younger children, it can also provide teaching opportunities with letters and numbers. Plus, it’s always fun to put the pieces together like a giant puzzle.

Interlocking foam tiles are a good solution for building a learning space in the living room or any space where you want to cover up the floor with something soft and protective. Not only is it more comfortable for the kiddos, but it also gives the floor beneath a small amount of protection from spills and scratches.


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Find the Perfect Furniture

Homeschool Room Guide: carpet tiles

Now that you have the best flooring for your new study area, it’s time to fill it up with furniture. Adding helpful classroom equipment like desks and bookshelves can make the space more functional, and it also helps kids get in the right mindset to learn.


A desk is the most basic, essential component of the classroom. This is where all the learning happens. Give your kiddos enough space to spread out their books, papers, and computers as they complete lessons and finish homework.


School comes with a lot of textbooks, especially for older students. Instead of stacking them in a precarious, Jenga-like tower in the corner, invest in a bookshelf. This will keep things organized, and ensure that no books get damaged or lost.

File Cabinets

A file cabinet is going to be a life-saver when it comes to organizing papers. Not only will a cabinet keep everything in one place, but it will also prevent those age-old excuses for unfinished homework. No more, “I lost it,” or “My dog ate it.” It’s all there in the file cabinet.


To add an even more authentic feel to a home classroom, consider adding lockers for your schoolroom. It gives you more storage space for school supplies and gives the kids a signal at the start of the day that school is in session.

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Decorate for Success

Homeschool Room Guide: vinyl plank flooring

Your study space is almost ready. With the right flooring and furniture, all you need now are some fun additions to make your homeschool classroom into something special. Consider these interior design ideas for decoration.


Who can concentrate while studying in a dimly lit room? Proper lighting is essential for the best learning experience. Add a couple of desk lamps to provide the perfect amount of supplemental lighting for reading.


The last thing you want in a classroom is boring white walls. A new paint job can make the room feel like new. Green and blues are calming and improve focus. For something a bit different, maybe you can create a fun mural.

Wall Decor

Classrooms are always covered in bulletin boards and posters. Use acoustic wall tiles to add motivational posters, notes, and more to inspire those young minds. You might also want to put up informative visuals like the periodic table of elements, or helpful math or grammar facts.


Ready, set, learn! With these helpful tips, you’re prepared to set up your own homeschooling study area for kids. You can make learning both fun and functional. Check out your options today.


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