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Home Dance Flooring for Home Studios and Practice

Home Dance Flooring for Home Studios and Practice

Whether you want to become a Rockette or just have a little extra practice space, there is an easy, affordable home dance flooring option for you. Learn how to choose the best floor for your needs.

I didn’t grow up dancing. I was the theatre kid who drove my parents crazy singing at the top of my lungs all day every day. And, for a long time, I was really, really bad. My poor parents…

Anyway, I started dance late – in high school. Everyone else had been dancing since they were 3 so I had a lot of catching up to do.

I vividly remember searching everywhere I went for large patches of tile so I could practice my pirouettes. Often, I would tap dance through the grocery store. I stayed up late reviewing choreography in my head night after night.  I was seriously obsessed.

The thing is, if you want to practice your dance moves outside the studio, there isn’t really an easy or convenient place. It can feel almost impossible to find a way to hone your skills or practice that new choreography outside of class or rehearsal.

I so wish I knew back then that you could buy home dance flooring! I had no idea, but I would have ordered it in a New York minute.

If you have a dancer kid or you are that dancer kid, this stuff will be, dramatic as it sounds, life-changing. Yes, really.

Practice Dance Flooring

Okay, so I know not everyone has an entire space they can fully devote to dance practice. It’s great to have a practice space that’s portable so you can pick it up and put it away when you’re done with it.

This way, you can even take it on the road for that long family vacation and not lose any of your skills along the way.

We have a few dance flooring options that perfect for a home dance space.

3’x3’ Practice Dance Floor

3 X 3 Practice dance tiles for home dance studios

This is the exact type dance floor teenage me always wanted! The 3’x3’ surface is just big enough to practice turns and choreography. You can put it down next to the counter and do an entire ballet barre section at home with plies, tendus, etc.

This vinyl-topped floor is the perfect surface for ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and even social dancing. Not to mention, these tiles are much easier on your joints than traditional home flooring.

This dance floor is lightweight and easy to move. It’s a true win, win.

Make sure to place your floor over a hard, level subfloor and not plus carpet for safety.


Dance Floor Kits

home dance studio practice dance tiles kit

These are like the discount version of our 3’x3’ Practice Dance Floor. You can use these for ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary as well as fitness dance classes like Zumba.

Make sure to place your floor over a hard, level subfloor and not plus carpet for safety.


Dance Tiles

home dance studio practice dance tiles

Easy, portable, versatile and fun – that is our dance floor tiles to a tee. These babies are versatile enough for ballet, tap, jazz, events and more. They are truly our do-it-all dance tile.

These tiles are American-made with the look and feel of real wood. They’ll give you the look of a fancy NYC studio flooring in your own home!

Bonus: These dance tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. I told ya. Versatile.

Make sure to place your floor over a hard, level subfloor and not plus carpet for safety.


Dance Tiles – Deluxe

home dance tiles

Like our traditional dance flooring tiles, but a little fancier. These babies are also American-made and offer the same ease and portability of our traditional dance tiles, but with a beautiful, high gloss finish to protect your floor from dents or scratches.

Dance can be rough on your feet and even rougher on your floor. Styles like tap dancing can really do a number on your floor, but these dance floor tiles can take the abuse. Made out of real wood with a beautiful, parquet look, these tiles are perfect for making your own home studio.

Our Deluxe Dance Tiles are great for ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Because of the glossy finish, they can be slippery under tap and other hard-soled shoes so use caution.

Make sure to place your floor over a hard, level subfloor and not plus carpet for safety.


Modular Grid Loc Tiles

home dance tiles practice dance studio

One of our most versatile flooring options, our Modular Grid Loc Tiles are great for dance flooring, basements, patios, decks, trade shows and so much more. If you want a practice space that can double as an entertainment room, Modular Grid Loc Tiles are your best bet.

Modular Grid Loc tiles are great for all forms of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, social dance and more.

These dance floor tiles offer an ultra easy installation with no tools required. Ready to get started on your dance flooring, like, right this second? Our Modular Grid Loc Tiles are a great option.

Make sure to place your floor over a hard, level subfloor and not plus carpet for safety.


Home Dance Subfloors

If you’re just creating a home practice space or even a beginner dance studio, you have a lot of super affordable options when it comes to your subfloor.

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Home Dance Subfloor Tiles

dance subfloor

All you really need for your subfloor is a clean, flat, level surface.

That being said, we very strongly encourage you to think about a sprung floor subfloor or home dance subfloor. I know, I know, it’s an extra expense, but it is so worth it.

Whether you’re a studio, school or professional company, the last thing you want is injured dancers. And the best way to prevent injuries is to start with a dance subfloor.

The subfloor absorbs and distributes the dancer’s weight, which allows dancers to continue to jump, leap and roll with a lower risk of injury.


Premium Home Dance Subfloor KitsThe Best Dance Subfloor: Sprung Floors & More. Find everything from home practice to professional dance subfloors.

This is a step up! The combination of affordable foam subflooring with a hard plastic top layer to ensure maximum stability.

With our Premium Dance Subfloor Kits, you can practice everything from tendues to fouettes en pointe. It can handle your petite allegro, grande allegro and even challenging partner lifts. They are also great for tap, due to the increased sound quality with the hard top surface.

The top, ultra-sturdy plastic layer makes this subfloor a great option for all levels and most styles of dance. It’s also an excellent option for touring companies and studios who don’t have the option to use traditional sprung subflooring.

And, it’s super affordable! All of the winning.


Practice Dance Flooring Durability / Longevity

So “practice” dance floor means it’s not going to last very long, right?


Our practice and portable dance floors are tough, durable and built to last. In fact, many boast up to a 12-year warranty so you can be certain this floor will last you from tendus through fouettes (read: years and years of practice).

Practice Dance Flooring Installation

Each dance flooring option has specific installation instructions. However, each of these is super straightforward and easy enough for even the most novice DIY-er to put together in no time.

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Practice Dance Flooring Maintenance

home dance studio tile

Each of these dance floors are super easy to clean and maintain with just sweeping and the occasional damp mop. No fuss, which means less time for cleaning, more time for pas de bourrees.

Ready to get dancing? Order free samples of our dance tiles or go for it and order your full-blown dance floor kit today!


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