Holiday Gift Guide: For Moms

Holiday Gift Guide: For Moms

‘Tis the season for giving and making sure you choose the perfect gift to show her you love her. With this holiday gift guide for mom’s, you can’t go wrong. A wide variety of gift ideas and prices to give her something she’s sure to love!

Shopping for mom? We’ve got you covered. We asked dozens of moms what they would want for the holidays and you can be sure all of these gifts are mother-approved. This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are our own.

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Personal & Beauty

Okay, so she probably doesn’t have a ton of time to spend on herself, and she definitely isn’t spending her money on these things (not when she can get the perfect presents for the kiddos!), but almost every woman appreciates the opportunity to splurge and take care of themselves.

Gel nail polish kit

Have you tried one of these? The look and lasting power of an expensive gel manicure that you can do yourself without leaving the house!

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell

Have you ever met a woman that doesn’t love the smell of Love Spell? Yeah, me either.

“They’re Real” Mascara

Full disclosure: This is my mascara. I finally stepped into the world of nice mascara about a year ago, and I’m never looking back. It’s always feels good to look nice, and a good mascara is a must.

Chi flat iron

AKA the world’s best flat iron. She’ll save time and energy, but still have flawless hair.

House & Home

It’s not easy to keep a household running, and we could all use some fancy gadgets to make it a little easier.

French Press

Because….coffee in 7 minutes. Need a say more? Also it is ridiculously easy to clean. French press brews super smooth coffee, and it’s perfect for making coffee for a small group. I bought one a couple years ago and never looked back! Also, chances are she needs more coffee in her life. It’s not an easy job.

Programmable crockpot

If she doesn’t have one of these, it is a problem. They are ridiculously easy — just put in the food, set it and come home to a perfectly cooked dinner.

Bamboo cutting boards

Everyone needs good cutting boards and bamboo are (in my opinion) the way to go.

Food processor

Do you even know how handy this thing is? SO HANDY! Make peanut butter, grate cheese, make homemade spreads like pesto and hummus, and so much more! They are seriously the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Mine lives on my counter. Why put something away that you use all the time?

For her little ones

Sometimes the best gift is something she can enjoy with the kiddos. These mats are so much fun for both mom and kid!

Foam World Map Kit

You guys…it’s a mat that comes apart in puzzle pieces and then gets put back together as a MAP! It is so fun. Here’s a great post about the foam world map kit.

Incline Mat

For tumbling practice, or just active play, kids love these things. They can easily entertain themselves so mom can actually get things done!

Folding Mat

These are also great for safe, active play and practicing extra curricular activities. They’ll save her a lot of worry and give the kids a lot of fun!

ABC 123 Map Kit

MORE PUZZLES! This one is great for little ones learning the alphabet and counting.

Crafty & Sentimental

Is there anything better than feeling loved and appreciated? Crafty and sentimental gifts often mean more than the most expensive thing on her list because you put thought into it, and made something just for her.

Pandora charm bracelet

I helped a friend of mine shop for his mom last year and after hours of looking, we finally settled in on one of these bracelets with a few personalized charm. His mom absolutely loved it and wears it all the time!

Personalized coffee mug

Chances are she uses a coffee mug every day, and giving her something thoughtful that she will see everyday and think of you is a gift she will never forget.

Photo album

I know, I know, everyone just puts photos on Facebook these days, but there is something about having something tangible with her favorite memories that she can pick up and look at any time that really tugs on the heart strings.

Hand painted pottery

We did this for my mom years ago. We went to As You Wish for weeks and painted an entire set of plates and bowls. This was 20 years ago and we still eat with them. She was blown away.

Relaxation & Personal Time

Wine of the month club

There are plenty of clubs like this out there. Wine arrives at her door. How can anything be better than that? Seriously, she deserves to relax with a glass of her favorite vino.

At home foot spa

The best part of getting a pedicure that she can do whenever she wants! Such a treat, she will feel super spoiled.

Bubble bath

This is the one I use. Husbands, if you want to score extra points, draw the bath for her, take the kids and give her a much needed relaxing hour to herself.

Yoga mat

For many people yoga is a much needed source of relaxation. I’m not one of them, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not! A yoga mat can mean a place for her to meditate at home, practice, stretch, and bring to her favorite studio. Every yoga lover needs the perfect mat.

MOMS: What’s on your holiday wish list?


The Best Holiday Gift Guide: For Moms! -- Impress the moms you know with the perfect, thoughtful and useful gift using this exclusive gift guide put together by moms for moms!

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