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vinyl flooring in dining room with blue walls and dark furniture

Furnishing and Decor Tricks To Accentuate Your Floors Perfectly

Sure, we love talking about the latest flooring trends that will inspire you to spruce up your living environment. But what happens when you’ve already picked out the floors for every room, and now you’re looking for ways to bring the aesthetics of the material to life? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here too.

Whether you’re going for a luxurious look and feel with hardwood in the living room or if you’re looking to create a peaceful bathroom oasis with a gorgeous tile pattern, there is no shortage of creative possibilities to make your home shine. To accentuate your flooring just right, try out these décor tricks.

Carpet Floor Design and Décor

blue-gray carpet in living room with yellow couch and striped puff

Here’s something that modern interior designers might find controversial: carpet floors are awesome. And for a number of reasons! Even though a wall-to-wall carpet floor might not be the most popular solution, it still boasts numerous benefits that include functionality and aesthetics, so don’t dismiss it.

If you have carpet flooring in any room, it’s time to make it work with the rest of the décor. Here are a few key pointers to stick to:

  • Choose a vibrant color or pattern for the kids’ rooms.
  • Stick with a neutral foundation in every other room.
  • Layer accent rugs in key areas, such as the seating area in the living room, or beneath the bed in the bedroom.
  • Bring vibrant accents into the room to break the monotony of the giant patch of solid color. These accents can be anything from potted greenery in the corners of the room to colorful art on the walls.
  • Alternatively, you may want to use the carpet floor to unify the design of the space. Just imagine white curtains, white walls and a gorgeous light beige wall-to-wall rug – pure serenity.


Tile Flooring Considerations

wood-look tile in modern kitchen with an island and cabinets

On to one of the most beloved and versatile flooring materials: tile. Tile floors can work in every room in your home, and even though the majority will tell you that tile is best reserved for the bathroom, there is no rule that says you can’t bring it into the kitchen and even the living room. The key is to choose the right color, pattern and finish to complement the function of the space. 

When trying to accentuate tile flooring, stick to the following:

  • Consider the color of the tile and what it represents. If it’s mimicking hardwood, then lighter contrasts should be your first choice. 
  • On the other hand, bright tile colors should enjoy darker wooden accents, such as a hardwood vanity in the bathroom.
  • Keep in mind that a fluffy carpet can make all the difference. Put a soft rug in key areas in every tiled room – especially the areas where you tend to stand a lot, such as the kitchen island.


Hardwood Flooring with Accent Furnishing

light hardwood floors in living room with white couch

The mere mention of the word “hardwood” tends to evoke a certain feeling of class and sophistication. There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of genuine hardwood no matter if you’re going for a rustic vibe or a modern theme. When complemented with accent furniture, like contrasting leather and fabric couches, hardwood can truly shine in all its glory and frame the design of the entire room.

But you need to know what you’re doing.

To accentuate hardwood flooring, try the following decor tricks:

  • Add accent furniture in a contrasting hue. Dark wooden floors work wonderfully with bright-colored furniture.
  • Cover up parts of the floor with comfortable rugs in complementary colors – light hardwood with beige, dark hardwood with grey or maroon, etc.
  • Add accent lighting to the corners of the room – try ornate freestanding lights, for example.
  • Don’t forget about potted greenery! Wood goes naturally with green.
  • Decorate every surface with a vibrant accent, such as a scented candle on the coffee table or colorful throws on the sofas and armchairs.


Vinyl and Laminate Floors

vinyl flooring in bedroom with dark bedframe and white drawers

By no means are laminate and vinyl the same thing, but we can safely put them in the same basket – they boast the same aesthetics and are both more durable and easier to clean than hardwood. Now, you might be thinking that the same décor principles that apply to hardwood also apply to these materials, however – you need to take the properties of the material into consideration.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Vinyl is plastic, so it might not look as natural.
  • Vinyl is also tougher on your feet, so you need rugs.
  • Laminate boasts a higher resale value, so all the more reason to combine it with other valuable accents.
  • Laminate conserves warmth and is gentler on the soles, so you can ditch the rugs if you love the bare wooden look. 
  • These “modern” materials work wonderfully with modern accent such as metallics.
  • You can choose any color you like for laminate and vinyl, but keep in mind that brighter accents tend to go better with darker floors, and vice versa.


When you finally choose the material, color and finish for the floors in every room, it’s time to accentuate the look with a selection of décor elements that will bring the material to life. Use these tricks to create the right theme in every room, and build an interior you and your family will love.

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