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bedroom with repurposed flooring on the wall

10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Flooring

10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Flooring Don’t throw away those scraps of leftover flooring! Use these 10, fun and creative ideas to make the most out of your leftover flooring and create gorgeous decor beyond your floor. …

Use wood, vinyl, tile and more to create accent walls, shelves and other unique designs in your house. Flooring: not just for your floor.

6 Uses for Flooring {that aren’t on your floor}

6 Uses for Flooring {that aren’t on your floor} Get creative with your home decor and try out these 6 uses for flooring that aren’t your floor. Great flooring can go above and beyond to help make your …

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The Best Fake Wood Flooring: 4 Faux Wood Floor Ideas

Wood flooring is incredibly popular these days, and everyone wants to take part in this classic trend. But not everyone has the budget for real hardwood flooring. Plus, some people have kids and pets and might worry about …

Understanding Underlayment

With our beginner’s guide to understanding underlayment, learn the purpose of underlayment, how to control mold, how to choose the right underlayment and more! When you put your foot down on your home’s flooring, you are standing on …

How do you know it's time to refinish your floor? A simple, easy guide to keeping your floor looking gorgeous!

When to Refinish Your Floor

Wood flooring is one of the best upgrades you can do in your home–are you worried about maintenance? We’ve got all your questions about when to refinish your floor and more answered! When Should You Be Refinishing Your Floor? …

FlooringInc Waterproof Laminate in a living room setup

The Best Flooring for Families

The Best Flooring for Families One of our most popular questions is “What is the best flooring for families?” Choosing your floor for a family is a totally different ball game and we will help you choose the …

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