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Air.o New Beginnings I Carpet with Pad

What Are VOCs in Floors? A Guide to Non-Toxic Flooring  

When it comes to air quality, you may not think of everyday materials you can find around your home. However, seemingly harmless building products, like flooring, can emit toxic chemicals that leave you and your loved ones (including …

Anderson Bandsaw Natural Timbers Engineered Wood

Engineered Hardwood vs. Hardwood: What’s the Difference?

Ever wonder what engineered hardwood actually means? We’re getting down to the details on engineered hardwood vs hardwood to share what sets them apart and help you decide which is the best choice for you. Nothing looks more …

Johnson Hardwood Toscana Hickory Engineered Wood

Your Style Guide to Matching Furniture with Wood Flooring

Choosing a wooden floor is not as easy as picking the color and style that appeals to you visually, as there are many other considerations you need to take into account if you’re going to make your new …

Engineered Wood FAQ: Western Skies Maple Engineered Wood

What is Engineered Hardwood? 12+ Facts You Should Know

Engineered wood flooring is a durable alternative to solid hardwood flooring, featuring a real wood surface layer and an engineered core. With engineered hardwood floors, you get the warmth and beauty of genuine wood planks with the added …

High variation vinyl flooring in living room setting

High-Variation Flooring: What You Need to Know

Your new flooring just came in and you’re ready to start installing. You open one box and lay the planks side by side, clicking them in or using the glue-down method. You open another box and start doing …

12mm Mohawk Crest Haven Waterproof Laminate

Engineered Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

Not sure whether to go with engineered hardwood vs. laminate flooring for your home remodel? While both materials achieve that beautiful wood-look floor, there are key differences between the two. Here’s everything you need to know to make …

Living Coral: How to Use Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Every year Pantone introduces a new color of the year. This year, Living Coral has made a splash in fashion, graphic design, and even interior design. Ready to introduce Living Coral into your home? Let’s get started. What …

FlooringInc laminate flooring in room setup

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Learn how to install laminate flooring yourself with these easy DIY steps. Tools, tips and tricks – this guide has everything you need for a DIY laminate flooring installation. Do you like putting puzzles together? Well, installing laminate …

12mm Hillside Hickory Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

Good news! The affordable laminate floors you love now feature waterproof capabilities! Waterproof and water-resistant laminate products are hitting the market, making this traditional wood-look floor even more irresistible.  Now you can install this affordable flooring in more …

Upgrade your home or business with laminate flooring! This ultimate buying guide will help you navigate the laminate flooring market and simplify your decision.

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

Are you looking to upgrade your home or business with laminate flooring? With so many looks and products to choose from, the buying process can be overwhelming. This guide helps simplify your decision by giving you all the …

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