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Real Estate

Real Estate

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To Sell or Not To Sell? The Debate About Working with Zillow and Other iBuyers

In many major Real Estate markets across the country, iBuyer companies are becoming increasingly more popular. Companies like OpenDoor, OfferPad, and of course – Zillow – have shaken up traditional Real Estate and the options presented to home …

12mm Elderwood Waterproof Laminate

How to Install Temporary Flooring Over Carpet

Carpet floors can be a hassle to work around, especially when you’re renting, but they don’t have to be! When you put a temporary floor over carpet, you can have beautiful, easily installed new floors that also help …

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The Best Flooring for Flipping Houses

So you’re wanting to get into the house flipping game. Maybe a friend of yours has made money flipping houses, or maybe you’ve been watching a ton of reality television; whatever your reasons, you’re ready to test your …

TritonCORE Pro 7 Rigid Core Vinyl Planks

The Best Flooring for Resale

Whether you’re just moving in or looking to sell, all homeowners beg the question: What’s the best flooring for resale value? We’ve answered that question and more including trends, colors and styles. Have you ever remodeled a house? …

New or Stay True: A Seller's Dilema. Ready to put your house on the market, but not sure if you need to cough up the money for new floors? Follow this guide to determine whether new flooring will increase retail value and sell-ability of your home.

New or Stay True: A Seller’s Dilema

A Seller’s Dilema: Do you keep the floors you have installed, or do you spend the cash on new floors with the hopes of increasing your retail value and sell-ability? Follow along with this step by step guide …

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