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How to Clean

How to Clean

Ballroom Dance Tiles: Practice Dance Tiles

10 Cleaning Tips for Dance Floors: Marley, Tiles, and More

So many dance numbers require dancing barefoot or performing moves on the ground. So you’ll want your floor to be as clean as possible. But dance floors can get messy quickly, which is why it’s important to know …

Greenspace Artificial Grass Rugs

How to Clean Artificial Grass: Easy DIY Maintenance Tips

Artificial grass makes having a lawn so much easier. However, even though you no longer have to mow, there are still some maintenance practices to consider for your artificial grass.  By learning how to clean artificial grass, you …

Johnson Hardwood Toscana Hickory Engineered Wood

How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood is an awesome alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring both increase the value of your home and you might not be surprised to learn that cleaning engineered wood is almost …

8mm Pre Cut Rubber Rolls

How to Clean Rubber Gym Flooring: 4 Easy Steps

Rubber flooring is perfect for exercise, whether it’s your home gym or a commercial gym. But after a successful workout, have you ever noticed how dirty it can be? You need to know how to clean rubber gym …

How to Clean Carpets: Anderson Tuftex Mission Square

How to Clean Carpet: 10 Tips to Remove and Prevent Stains

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options on the market and has been for decades. However, one common question that comes up is how to clean carpet. To answer this question, it’s important to understand the …

How to Clean Gym Mats: PAVIGYM 22mm Endurance S&S Rubber Tiles

How to Clean Gym Mats

Are you ready to workout? You can’t get in shape on a dirty gym mat – that’s just unsanitary. So before your next workout, let’s go over how to clean gym mats.  Depending on your mat and its …

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