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Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring

5 Tips for Setting Achievable New Years Resolutions: New Years resolutions do not have to be something you give up on by March! Use these 5 tips to set the best, most achievable goals for the coming year.

How to Set Achievable New Years Resolutions: 5 Tips

How to Set Achievable New Years Resolutions Use these 5 tips to set achievable goals for the new year. Set achievable new years resolutions and don’t bonk out in March – by setting the right types of goals, you …

rubber floor tiles with dumbbells

Rubber Flooring: Tiles Vs. Rolls

Rubber Flooring: Tiles Vs. Rolls How do you decide between tiles and rolls for your flooring? Getting down to the details to help you make the best choice in the ever popular debate on rubber flooring — tiles …

Specialty Flooring: A Floor For Every Need. Check out what flooring options are available beyond traditional in-home flooring with a closer look at rubber, foam, playground and garage flooring options.

Specialty Flooring: A Floor For Every Need

Specialty Flooring Flooring goes beyond traditional tile, hardwood and carpet. Ever wonder what your gym floor is made of? Or dreamed of a classic checkered garage? Specialty flooring covers all your bases and offers you a floor for …

3/8" Sure Fit Rubber Tiles

5 Rubber Flooring Myths: Get the Facts from Our Experts

Rubber flooring – you’ve probably heard that it’s durable, shock-absorbing, and the perfect gym flooring. But how much do you really know about it? There are a lot of myths about how and where to use rubber flooring. …

Cheer Mats

Affordable at-home cheer mats are the perfect, safe option for at home cheer practice, martial arts, yoga and more! Gimme a M! Gimme an A! Gimme a T! No seriously, give me a cheer mat that will keep …

Home Gym Foam vs. Rubber: Everything you need to choose the right floor for your home gym

Home Gym: Foam vs Rubber

Home Gym: Foam vs Rubber Ready to build your home gym, but don’t know where to start? We’ll give you the low down on foam vs rubber to help you choose between the big 2 gym flooring options. …

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