Carpet vs. Tile

Everything you need to know about choosing between Carpet and Tile

So you’re ready to redo the floor in your home, but you’re not sure what to go with? We’ve got your questions answered about carpet vs. tile and more!

Everything you need to know about choosing between Carpet and Tile

Carpet or tile? Decisions, decisions!

Everything you need to know about choosing between Carpet and Tile


If you want a relaxed, comforting vibe, there’s nothing like carpet. There’s also nothing like the headache and expense of rolled carpet installation. The good news is that carpet tiles offer the best of both worlds: comfort for your feet and wallet. Carpet tiles offer notable benefits over carpet rolls:


Carpet tiles are definitely DIY friendly, which means you avoid the huge expense of paying for professional installation. With a glue-and-set system, it’s a simple input process. With the discounted price offered at FlooringInc, the savings really do add up.

Design options 

Carpet tiles allow creative use of your space. Patterns, shapes, solids – carpet allows color and vibrancy that hard floors can’t provide. In a home space, you can keep it simple with a traditional tone. In a commercial space, carpet design adds texture to enhance the professionalism of the space. Play area? Home gym? There’s a carpet design for that.

Easier everything, really 

Easier to buy: with carpet tiles, there are no exact room measurements required (though you may have to trim some edges). There’s no padding to lay, either. It’s built in.

Easier to clean: With carpet tiles, a single spill or burn isn’t going to ruin your investment. Like regular tiles, carpet tiles can be individually replaced, which is a huge advantage over roll carpet, which is much harder to fix.

Everything you need to know about choosing between Carpet and Tile


Many people enjoy the sleek, luxurious look of tile. Tile is notoriously easy to clean, and allows for better air quality, since it doesn’t trap dust the way carpet can. A good tile installation should last 10 to 20 years, but if a tile cracks you can always replace the individual tile—no big overhaul required. There are two kinds of tiles: porcelain and ceramic.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic

This porcelain isn’t your grandmother’s fine china; porcelain tile is built to last.  It allows less water absorption and is denser than ceramic, which makes it better for exterior flooring and more durable than ceramic options. Still, ceramic tile will fare just fine in environments that aren’t exposed to the elements (or elephants). A chip in porcelain tile will reveal the same color beneath, making the damage less visible. Not so with ceramic, where a chip reveals the different color of its inner layer. Porcelain is generally more costly than ceramic, but FlooringInc offers porcelain at a discounted price, making both options affordable.

Playing with samples will help you see which choice works best in your space. Got questions? Just talk to a sales rep—they learn all the nitty gritty so you don’t have to. You can reach a FlooringInc representative here.