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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Fun With Anti-Fatigue Mats — Stand as much as you need with no pain or soreness on mats that look and feel great!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Are your back and toesies sore from being on your feet all day? Or maybe you’re trying to get excited about buying another pair of ugly made-for-standing sneakers. Hard floors can be hard on your body and unavoidable at work, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With our anti-fatigue mats, you can dramatically reduce the discomfort of standing. A one-time investment in a well-placed anti-fatigue mat can help you reduce the wear-and-tear on your body and your flooring for years. Read on to see how you can transform your workspace from “ouch” to “ahh” in no time.

Ergo Mat


If you’re looking for a standard, sleek mat that gets the job done, check out Ergo Mats. These mats are extra thick, which means they deliver extra comfort. They come in multiple sizes, which make them perfect for a variety of spaces. Got a high-traffic workstation or an always-busy reception desk? Oh, what a difference one of these babies can make.

Foam Mats


Foam Mats are another great way to protect your feet and flooring. These mats give you some flexibility, as they can work at home too! They work great in your kitchen to protect your tile, or in a playroom to make it easier to get close to your grandkids.

They’re also great for workout rooms if you want a bit of bounce and shock absorbency.

Cushion Trax


If you’ve got a commercial or industrial space and an area mat won’t cut it, check out Cushion Trax. Ideal for dry work environment, Cushion Trax deliver excellent anti-fatigue comfort for hard workers. These guys also double as safety mats, with a vinyl top surface that delivers non-directional traction—and they look cool, too.



Love the sound of cushion but hate the cost? We’ve got you covered with Airug Mats. These spongy foam mats offer the cushion and non-slip safety at rock-bottom pricing. Put them anywhere you need a boost: office, lab, warehouse—these guys will do the trick.

Looking for something a bit more luxurious?


If you’re going for an elegant look, we have that too. Check out our GelPro Basketweave anti-fatigue mats. Easy to clean and sleek with a faux-leather look, these mats are a nice (and comfy!) addition to any space that requires both style and comfort . GelPro Designer Comfort Mats are another option. These mats won’t “bottom out” like some competitors, and are waterproof and stain resistant. Great for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, these attractive mats can go anywhere your feet need relief. If you’re worried anti-fatigue mats will distract from your beautiful wood flooring, fear not! Our Wood Comfort Style Mats have you covered. With beveled edges and three wood color options, your guests won’t notice these anti-fatigue mats—but their feet sure will!

Great news! We just added several new mats to our inventory, so make sure you check them out as well:

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