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stone-look vinyl tiles

All About Vinyl

Vinyl is a great, inexpensive option that many people forget about, or they have no idea that it can look just as beautiful as tile! Today we’re talking all about vinyl, and why it’s such a great flooring option.

If you like the look of tile but not the price tag, consider going vinyl. Vinyl flooring is an incredibly cost-efficient and versatile option. It’s easy to clean and install (peel and stick for the win!). Because it’s synthetically made, practically any color or pattern can be created, so it’s great for enhancing a space with texture or color. Think you want to go bold? Or maybe something subtle? Yeah, vinyl can do that.

Vinyl also has a few practical benefits too. It has some “give,” making it a bit softer on the feet than wood or tile. It’s great for showrooms, workspaces or anywhere you’ll be on your feet for a while.

Vinyl is also super durable since it’s designed with a “wear layer” to minimize the effects of the tread. Just don’t use it in a wet environment, like a shower or exterior floor. A little moisture won’t hurt, though: vinyl has a protective antimicrobial layer designed to resist mold and mildew.

What is Vinyl Flooring?


Forget about the dated prints and cheap-looking floors you remember seeing in the 70s. Vinyl has transformed, and it’s better than ever. Now it’s common to mistake vinyl for a real hardwood floor.

As technology advances, the aesthetic gets closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks. Even better, all this beauty comes with no extra work. In fact, vinyl floors involve less upkeep and maintenance and they’re easy to clean.

Vinyl Tiles

stone-look vinyl tiles

While vinyl tiles can definitely deliver that vintage checkerboard look, your design options don’t stop there. Stone, aluminum, resort-style, tread – there’s virtually no look vinyl tiles can’t replicate. Tiles are easier to replace too. If a tile becomes damaged, it can be removed and a new one installed without worrying about pulling the whole floor up.

Vinyl Planks

TritonCORE wood-look vinyl planks

Vinyl Planks offer the same easy install and repair benefits as vinyl tiles, but they give the feel of hardwood flooring. With the help of modern design technology, vinyl planking can be patterned and embossed to mimic a wide array of hardwood styles. Rustic or rich, weathered or wine-stained, vinyl planks are a discount shopper’s alternative to the charm of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Rolls

Mannington Benchmark 6' Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl rolls, also called “sheets,” give you the same look as tiles or planks, but at an even deeper discount. Manufacturers save money by producing these uncut sheets of vinyl, and you reap the savings benefits. Vinyl rolls are also great against moisture because there are no seams where water can hide. The trick with rolls is that they have to be cut to fit the space, and you can’t customize the design like you can with tile. Rubber-based rolls don’t offer as deep a discount, but they are oh-so-great for dance floors or basements—anywhere you want the smooth look of hardwood and the absorbency of rubber.

With a great price and smooth finish, vinyl is an attractive flooring option for budget-wise homeowners. Free samples make it easy to find the right look, and long warranties will keep you confident that your new floor is designed to last.


And there you have it! You’ve got the facts about vinyl flooring and the different options you can choose from. If this seems like your dream floor, you can browse our selection now to find the perfect match.


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