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Use wood, vinyl, tile and more to create accent walls, shelves and other unique designs in your house. Flooring: not just for your floor.

6 Uses for Flooring {that aren’t on your floor}

6 Uses for Flooring {that aren’t on your floor}

Get creative with your home decor and try out these 6 uses for flooring that aren’t your floor. Great flooring can go above and beyond to help make your whole home unique and beautiful.

Homeowners have been all about accent walls ever since Mr. Big went with that bold red wall. Anyone else remember that episode? It was the first time I had ever heard of an accent walls, and I immediately wanted one. Everyone I knew started painting bold colored accent walls, but the bright stand out colored accent wall trend is fading. Now people are looking for more creative, less obvious ways to make a statement, and putting a gorgeous flooring on your wall is one of the most beautiful and current methods around.

Think wood is just for floor and walls? Think again. In addition to accent walls, homeowners and DIYers are finding multiple uses for flooring of all kinds.

1.  Rustic DIY Bathroom Shelving from Design Dining Diapers:


So simple and inexpensive with just two pieces of wood flooring (you could also use laminate, wood-look vinyl, etc.), and you’ve got a beautiful shelving unit with almost no investment!

2. Wood Plank DIY Wall from Kristin Eldridge:


I mean… I’m sold. One of the most beautiful and memorable bedrooms looks I’ve ever seen.

3.  Vinyl Polka Dot Love from The Potters Place:


This would be so easy to complete with just a small amount of peel and stick vinyl. Of course, you don’t have to use vinyl flooring,  but with peel and stick options, why not? The colors and options are endless!

4. DIY Faux Wood Plank Wall from Tag & Tibby:


Want the look of a wood wall without the cost or fear of water damage? I’ve said time and time again that the things they are doing with wood-look vinyl are nothing short of amazing. If you’re still not on board, I dare you to think again!

5.  DIY Custom Bamboo Counter Top via Teal & Lime:


Bamboo counter tops. Yes, it’s a real thing. And we like it. Why spent thousands of dollars on granite when a gorgeous bamboo look can create a beautiful modern look?

6. Tile Wall from Emser Tile:


We know tile walls aren’t inventing the wheel (at least not bathroom settings–but we dare you to try other areas!), but it is the look for a beautiful, polished, classic bathroom. It’s a look I’ve been dreaming of for years. In fact, I think I’ll just take the home bathroom, okay? Thanks.


Have a similar look in your house? Or something completely different? Share it with us in the comments!

Use wood, vinyl, tile and more to create accent walls, shelves and other unique designs in your house. Flooring: not just for your floor.

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