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6 Reasons to Love Yoga: Yoga is a great workout that is beneficial for the mind body and soul. Find out why yoga IS right for anyone and everyone!

6 Reasons to Love Yoga

6 Reasons to Love Yoga

Practicing yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body. Learn why with these 6 reasons to love yoga! Get inspired and get yourself onto your yoga mat.

Yoga. It’s one of those things that people tend to love or hate. Even fitness enthusiasts that understand all the benefits tend to be very divided about getting in on the ohm. Guilty as charged. I know why I should  go to yoga and I even know that I feel so much better after I go to yoga, but it takes a little reminding. So for those times you need to remember why you should not skip that yoga class or walk away from your YouTube yoga video, remember..

1. Yoga is like a massage for way less money. 

That awesome relaxed feeling you get after a good massage? It’s because your muscles have gotten some much needed release and relaxation. Yoga does the same thing–by stretching, opening up your joints, and saying yes to what feels good in your body at that moment, you can achieve an equally awesome feeling of renewed calm, but it won’t run you $100/hour. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

2. Yoga is a great workout.

Think all you’re going to do is stretch and lay in savasana? Think again! While there are plenty of gentle classes for beginners, you can also get in on a cardio-building vinyasa flow class, or some sweat-it-out hot yoga. Just like any workout, you control your body and you determine how hard you push. Too easy? There’s always more challenging variations to try!

3. Yoga is for everyone.

From newborn (yes they have that for babies and new moms!) to grandparent, elite athlete to newbie, yoga’s diverse options and versatility make it a fitness option that anyone can do. A great instructor will be able to show you modifications for injuries, and offer options to make the pose more strenuous. For everyone that has ever felt intimidated by the idea of working out with others, yoga is the way to do it!

4. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been working out and felt that thing in my brain–not the voice that says “I’m tired. I want to quit.”, but the voice that says “Is that a good pain? Is it smart to keep going?” and just flat out ignored it. Runners, CrossFiters, Triathletes, etc. are notorious for pushing themselves to their limits and then some leading to injury, lots of physical therapy, and loss of fitness. Of course this is not everyone, but it is an all too common problem, which is why practicing yoga and learning to decipher the “I’m tired” voice from the “This does not feel right” voice is so important–that knowledge will transfer into your other workouts, and the rest of your life teaching you when to say no at work and in relationships, when to step back and take care of yourself, and when to push forward and reach a giant breakthrough. Yoga is not about quitting when the going gets tough, it’s about stepping back from your ego and listening to your intuitive voice–the one that always knows what to do.

5. Yoga teaches humility.

My favorite yoga instructor used to repeat multiple times per class that we needed to check back in–if we were compromising form and alignment to try to reach a harder variation or deeper stretch, it was likely our ego was creeping in and we needed to step back and reassess. For me, that is often the case for each and every pose. There’s something about running marathons that leads you to believe you should be good at EVERYTHING fitness related, and yoga taught me not to let me ego desire to compare myself to others enter the picture and to keep my focus concentrated on the pose and in the moment.

6. You get to lay on the floor!

Okay so I know I said it wasn’t all about savasana and, I have to admit: I still haven’t learned to enjoy savasana, but there is something to be said about working hard, giving everything you have to give–no more, no less–and taking that moment to let it all sink into your body, allow your mind to go wherever it goes (rather than chastising yourself for daydreaming) and giving yourself the gift of a moment of peace. How often do you take a moment just for you? Probably very rarely. Yoga creates an opportunity for that at the end of every class, and it is just as important, if not more, as every pose that came before it.


6 Reasons to Love Yoga: Yoga is a great workout that is beneficial for the mind body and soul. Find out why yoga IS right for anyone and everyone!

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