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6 Ideas for Poolside Paradise: Everything you need to make your summer perfect!

6 Ideas for a Poolside Paradise

Summer is here and we know you’ll (hopefully) be spending lots of time relaxing by the pool, so we’ve collected 6 ideas for poolside paradise to keep you relaxed in the sun all summer long!

1. This Pool Deck Makeover from Small Home Big Start:

Such an easy project transforms this backyard into a place I would want to be swimming all night long!

2. This DIY Pool Pump Cover from All for the Everyday:

You won’t believe the before and after pictures on this one. A teeny little addition turns an eyesore into cute pool decor! In fact, it’s a great little add on whether you’re trying to cover your pool pump or not!

3. These DIY Chaise Lounge Chairs from Roubinek Reality:

Okay, so this is the one thing I have been dying to put in my pool area. The other day I just laid on my pool deck for an hour, and I realized it’s probably time to get some lounge chairs. They always seem so expensive, so I love the idea of making them myself!

4. This Pool Cabana from Five Brothers One Sister:

Yes. This. Talk about feeling like you’re on summer vacation! Anyone else ready to spend the summer here with me? 😉

5. This cute and bright Poolside Seating from Dukes and Duchesses:

You can always use more seating around the pool, and I’m loving these bright colors and the fun vibe of the pool area! We always have friends and family who want to just hang by the pool rather than get in, and I would love to have a fun place for them to sit and chat.

6. Our Life Floor Slate Tiles:


Whether you want a fun outside play area, or safer, non-slip pool surroundings, we have several options of outdoor tiles that can update your current look and they are incredibly affordable. Check out all of our Life Floor Slate Tile options here.

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