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colorful carpet tiles in a playroom setting

5 Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles for Your Kid’s Room

We get asked all the time “What’s the best flooring for kids’ rooms?” We are a big fan of carpet tiles and we have 5 reasons to choose them for your kid’s room instead of traditional broadloom carpet.

Kid’s carpet tiles are a great addition to any home, offering fun playful patterns that are not only exciting for kids but adults alike.  So why would someone purchase tiles over broadloom carpeting?  Well, we’ve got 5 big reasons why!

5 Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles for Your Kid's Room: Carpet tiles are the newest trend! Find out why.

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Carpet Tiles are Cost-Effective

When it comes to carpet tiles and broadloom carpeting, it’s tough to compare. Depending on your location and carpet of choice, this can really go both ways. Typically, for the life of the flooring, modular carpet tiles are the most cost-effective–lower installation costs and fewer replacements. Even though in some instances the actual cost of the flooring can be pretty comparable, carpet tiles are typically more expensive up front. However, the amount of time and disruption the installation of broadloom carpeting causes typically makes up for any product cost difference between tiles and broadloom.

Carpet Tiles are Built to Last

Carpet tiles are not only affordable, but they are built to last.  Built for both heavy traffic and abuse, they tend to last a lot longer than typical broadloom carpeting.  Most tiles offer lifetime warranties, whereas with broadloom carpeting the typical wear warranty is about 5-20 years.  Kid’s modular tiles also come with adhered backing, making them the perfect combination of tough (durable) and lounge-able (comfy).

***Tip: Residential tiles are typically made with more recycled material than standard carpeting, making them a truly Green floor.

close up view of carpet tiles with children's toys in a playroom

DIY Installation

Get ready for a time and cost-effective way to install new flooring in any room. They come in all different types from sticky back to interlocking. These tiles are easily installed on any level of your home. Getting bored with the look? You can easily remove your current tiles and change up the pattern. Broadloom, however, is very cumbersome. You typically need a trained professional to install, along with a foam padding, which also time and cost to your install.

Easy Maintenance

With carpet tiles, there are a few things you must do to care for your floor, but stains and dirt are not an issue. These residential carpet floor tile squares have been designed to handle heavy traffic and are treated to be stain, soil, bacterial, fungal, and mold/mildew resistant. That means your new floor is durable and safe. If a tile were to become damaged for any reason, the tile can be easily removed and replaced. Yes, instead of spending a boatload o’ cash replacing your entire floor, you can replace just one tile–so convenient!

carpet tile in a nursery setting

Carpet Tiles Offer Customizable Looks

Have you ever wanted to create a space that was unique and fun from top to bottom? Carpet tiles make it easy! Kid’s carpet tiles are available in so many fun styles and colors–mix and match to create a design that is uniquely you. Think mini town with blue water around it, an area with numbers and letters, fun color combos as well, or even sports team themed carpet tiles! The options are endless whereas with broadloom you are stuck with one pattern throughout.

So the best choice for a kids’ room? We’re pro carpet tile. All the way.


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