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wirebrushed wood-look vinyl in a kitchen

2015 Flooring Trends: Keep Your Home Current

2015 flooring trends include several updated options that look like they are here to stay for a while. Keep your home current with your flooring and keep your home looking fresh and stylish.

2015 may be half over (whaaat?!!!), but these trends are going strong, and it’s not too late to join the times and do some updates in your home with these trendy gems.

1. Cork

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

Cork flooring is a new, inventive flooring trend, and it looks like it is here to stay. I know, I know, my first reaction was imagining walking on a floor full of wine bottle corks, and I just didn’t get the appeal, but after I did a little digging (and a lot of google imaging), I realized that cork flooring is not only gorgeous, but it has a lot going for it on that little ol’ pro/con list. Warm and a natural sound insulator cork can instantly make your house feel more home-y, and it’s a very green, natural way to keep your house in style. Visually, it looks new and updated–it’s not the same old look you’ve seen 100 times. Cookie cutter homes are out, and with that cookie cutter interior. Cork will make you stand out and give your home a big bump in personality. PS: It’s really gorgeous juxtaposed with dark cabinets and furnitureRead more about cork flooring.

2. Bamboo

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

More and more people are going light with their flooring these days. Light colors make your space appear bigger, brighter, and (I think) happier. Of course there are plenty of lightened-up flooring options, but not many that do it as effortlessly as bamboo. Naturally light in color, but adaptable to color stains gives bamboo flooring a wide range of color choices, and it is quickly becoming one of the most stylish flooring options on the market. Going with bamboo is like choosing a perfect, easy going, low maintenance relationship. No crazy hidden challenges, no over-the-top care plans, just good old fashioned walking and, if you’re like me, laying on searching for the motivation to be productive. Bad news: If you go with bamboo, that motivation will be even harder to come by. Read more about bamboo flooring.

3. Wood-look Tile

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

Remember when we thought Myspace was cool, and then Facebook came along and was like “Step aside, there’s a new kid in town.”? Okay, so traditional hardwood floors are like 100x cooler than Myspace could ever be, but tile is sure giving it a run for its money. It’s no secret that tile floor is known for it’s durability and easy maintenance, and now that you can achieve your the dreamy look of wood flooring with the benefits of tile, it’s not wonder this stuff is selling like hot cakes. In fact, the two people I know who are currently redoing their homes both chose wood-look tile. If you’re torn between the two options, you may not even realize there’s a hip new option that gives you the best of all worlds. Style beautifully for wood in kitchen and bathroom areas where you would have originally avoided it, and amp up the value of your house while you’re at it! Read more about wood-look tile flooring.

4. Large Format Tile

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

One of the biggest drawbacks of tile is all those grout lines. They are not my favorite, and I’m guessing they’re not yours either. Less grout = easier cleaning = more time for fun things, like ice cream cones. Large format tile gives you all the aforementioned benefits of tile with more of your space being taken up by the tile and less by the grout. These larger tiles instantly open up your room and make the space look bigger and more luxurious. Looking to really modernize your space? Try creating a large format tile wall!

5. Luxury Vinyl

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

This is an other flooring trend that completely took me by surprise. When I think “vinyl” I think bad 70’s flooring, but now-a-days that couldn’t be further from the truth! The right luxury vinyl will fool your guests into thinking you splurged for hardwood while you still have leftover cash in your pocket to add some fun furniture and decor to finish off your space. Comfortable and easy to maintain, luxury vinyl is quickly surpassing laminate as the traditional hardwood alternative. As the popularity has increased, so have the options, so you can easily get the shade that’s best for your decor. Read more about luxury vinyl flooring.

6. Modern Vintage Hardwood

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

There is a reason vintage never goes out of style. Although new trends develop and may even take over for a time, the best of the best stays fabulous, and there are always great ways to put a modern spin on a classic. Think about thrift stores filled with vintage looks that fashionistas strut around in looking like they’ve dropped hundreds of dollars at a designer store–the same can be true with flooring. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to keep up with the trends; just give a little modern twist to an old classic look. Read more about hardwood flooring.

Anything we missed? Share your favorite flooring trends in the comments below.

2015 Flooring Trends: Cork, bamboo, vinyl and more! Stay current in your home.

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