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12 Inspirations for Entertaining: The best entertaining tips, parties and crafts from around the web!

12 Inspirations for Entertaining

Find new ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks for entertaining with these 12 inspirations for entertaining. From crafts to tablescapes and more!

12 Inspirations for Entertaining: The best entertaining tips, parties and crafts from around the web!

{Collage photos via Lauren Kelp, Rock My Style & Le Zoe Musings}

The best thing about buying/updating/renovating a new home is having people over. Whether you love intricate decorations and table settings, or just want to have some friends over for a simple get together, we have a great collection of ideas to help make the night memorable. Unless you live in an episode of The Gilmore Girls where they have coming out parties and other things to teach you all about “elegance” and “grace”, chances are you never really learned how to entertain. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’ve picked up some tricks from watching friends over the years, and now I’m dying for the chance to try all of these gorgeous parties, settings and crafts. So without further ado, here are my 12 favorite entertaining inspirations (of the moment).

1. Memorial Rooftop Entertaining from Lauren Kelp:

Hello gorgeous table, I’d like to sit at you. You don’t have to wait until next Memorial Day to enjoy this stunning rooftop party–use this setup for any occasion.

2. This Romantic Indoor Picnic from Army Wife to Suburban Life:

Who says you can’t entertain when it’s for two? If your summers are anything like ours here in Phoenix, a romantic indoor picnic will sound like the perfect alternative to the smoldering 115 degrees outside. Plus, how cute is this?

3. This DIY Gold Chocolate Place Setting from Le Zoe Musings:

Well if this isn’t the coolest idea, I don’t know what is! I want to eat my name in gold! Invite me over please!

4. This Fall Wine & Cheese Party from The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie:

I don’t know if there’s anything I love more in life than wine and cheese. This is the perfect idea for a girls’ night or a get together with friends, and I love the labeled cheese boards!

5. This DIY Patio Serving Tray from Francois et Moi:

Cute and functional. I always need a new way to deliver my famous margaritas.

6.Happy Hour at Home from Lauren Kelp:

I want to be there.

7. Easy, Breezy Outdoor Entertaining from Rock My Style with photography via Adam Crohill:

I am always a fan of moving the party outdoors. I love these easy tips to entertain outside with no fuss.

8. This 1920s Murder Mystery Party from The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie:

Favorite. Murder Mystery parties may sound cheesy, but when done right, they create a hilarious evening of fun with friends, and this one does it right! I love the addition of all of the themed props, and the 1920s cocktail list. Nicole even includes the recipes so that guests can make their own drinks–a great idea so that the hostess can enjoy the party!

9. This Courtyard Inspired Citrus Spring Brunch from The Shift Creative via Inspired by This:

It may say Spring, but I would enjoy this gorgeous setting any time of year! I love all the beautiful citrus that add so much elegance easily and affordably.

10. These Customized Pocket Napkins from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff:

So I guess I’m really into customized things? I’m a words person, and I instantly love anything with something cute (or meaningful) written on it. These would be perfect at Thanksgiving for writing things you’re grateful for!

11. This DIY Drink Tray from Build Basic:

Beautiful, useful and DIY; all of my favorite things.

12. These Printable Coasters & Drink Flags from Elegance & Enchantment:

How cute are these??? We are super classy and usually just write our names on a red cup (I know, I know…), but with these you can easily remember which cup belongs to which person while also adding a flare for decoration. The coasters are adorable as well.

Do you have any favorite places to search for entertaining inspiration? Have an entertaining post you want to share? Please leave it in the comments!

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