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10 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers: Something for every budget and aesthetic!

10 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers

Get inspired with these 10 beautiful bathroom makeovers! Something for every budget and style, with everything you need to get started on your own bathroom transformation.

10 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers: Something for every budget and aesthetic!

{Collage photos via Bigger Than the Three of Us & The Dream House Project}

Whether you just want a small update, or have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to your 17 zillion ideas for your dream bathroom remodel (guilty), chances are you’re looking for a little inspiration to make it cozier, more spacious, storage friends, and, let’s face it, prettier. You get ready in there every.single.morning so you might as well turn it into a place you love. That’s why we’ve gathered the 10 best-of-the-best bathroom makeovers to get you started.

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1. This Bathroom Makeover from Dans Le Lakehouse:

It’s amazing how much some new paint and a new style can spruce things up! On first look, it appears that the transformation from before to after has been HUGE, but as you look closer, you can see that it really is an achievable project, and one that won’t break the bank either!

2. This Master Bathroom Retreat from The Dream House Project:

So…I will be moving in. I can sleep in the tub, it’s cool. This bathroom is gorgeous, and it really makes you appreciate what you can do when you start with a clean slate.

3. This DIY Bathroom Remodel from Bigger Than the Three of Us:

Is there any more perfect bathroom color combo than yellow and grey? So warm, bright and sunny. This is an other big transformation from a totally achievable project. The new look of the cabinets and nixing the wallpaper (I’m still not sure what they were thinking in 1970 with the wallpaper thing…) gives this bathroom a whole new feel!

4. This gorgeous Guest Bathroom from Sweetness in Starlight:

I’m pretty sure this is a guest bathroom that will impress all your guests. Some new handles, and a few fresh coats of paint, and this bathroom looks like an entirely new space!

5. This Bathroom Update from Place of My Taste:

This one is a pretty big project, but the outcome is well worth it! Just scroll down to that before picture, and you will fully appreciate this stunning update.

6. This Bathroom Makeover from The 36th Avenue:

My favorite part? Those photos! I’ve never put artwork in my bathroom, and now I want to! This one is more of a design/style change, but it looks like the room grew up from childhood to fancy adult!

7. This DIY Budget Bathroom Remodel from Old House to New Home:

I love the fun bright colors, but even more, I love that this makeover is budget-friendly! There is a lot that went on here, but it just goes to show you can do a lot with a little.

8. This Bathroom Makeover for Less Than $300 from Kojo Designs:

Less than $300?? Look at the difference! Super impressive.

9. This Modern Bathroom Remodel from Home Coming:

THAT SHOWER. Sign me up.

10. This Third Floor Bathroom from Green Thumb White Apron:

Holy cow, make sure to check out the before pics so you can see just how gorgeous this transformation is! Also, those towel nooks? Brilliant.

Okay, your turn! Share with us some of your favorite bathroom makeovers, or share your own!

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